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Welcome to The firestorm Cartel's Forums.

Who We Are
We are an industrial based  / Mission running player mix, with resources going into helping newer players and corporate plans and interests in growing into 0.0. We are small, and probably won't outgrow 40 members tops.
We are based in the Amarr empire, around the Domain and Kor-azor regions.

What We Are Looking For
We accept both young, old, experienced and newbie players, age is no restriction, we only ask you are mature and don't overly obsess about that very last SP or losing a ship. We understand sometimes both can be stressful but we want active and fun players, who can contribute to the corp as we would hope to contribute to your EvE experience.

Our Requirements
As stated, We want active, fun players, of any age / experience.
Active in the chats, as well as ingame.
Must be willing to help other players if and when needed. You won't be a corp slave though, its just we like to have players who are willing to help others.

For more info, Evemail Blane Xero or Dake Avant, or join the ingame channel [TFC]


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We have 33 registered users
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The Eternal Nooblet
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-02-20, 17:07 by Dake Avant
To all the new members of the corp hello. Im online pretty often and am always willing to lend any assistance neccessary. I am the corps only miner (besides Zaph), and resident trekkie. My hobbies include science fiction, video games, dungeons and dragons, and assorted board games. I love food in its myriad of forms. Ive been in the corp for 13 months now, and Ive got to say this place is like another family to me

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Minx has finally made it!!!
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-04-16, 08:23 by Anonymous
I prolley should have been more involved before now...But hey better late than never.Smile

I'm Zaph, Chief Industry/Research and Mining Dweeb rabbit

I have been somewhat busy in recent weeks trying to raise my standings
with Amarr Empire in an attempt to get us on the road to having a PoS
in Hi-Sec (more about this later), and therefore not relly doing
anything industry or mining related.

I have an alt Jeremiah Tobias or JT who is a bit more of an all rounder currently in an Abaddon and about to be using T2 …

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Me, myself and I
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-03-15, 15:56 by Prefab
Hey folks,

Been meaning to do this for a while......introducing myself and my industrial alt, Minerettes.

I am still trying to get a handle on the combat and crafting in Eve but think I am starting to get there, big thanks to all those who have helped me Very Happy

If anyone thinks I can help with anything please give me a shout if I am online or drop me an Eve-mail.

See you in game,


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The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-03-12, 04:15 by SomberKitty
Hi everyone,

It's me Somber Kitty, the insomniacqueen
if you ever need help with anything message me in-game. I am always (ok most of the time) well maybe sometimes more than happy to help outRolling Eyes lol!
Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not
dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea,
and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Somberkitty001fe0

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Z to the C
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-03-09, 13:19 by Zions Child
Hello there, I'm Zion, the corps resident sociopath.... I've been with Blane since the beginning, and have had quite a few experiences from 0.0 to TFC to Lvl 4 missions to blowing up Blane. I have quite a good idea on how to fit ships, and can assist you whenever you need help. Whenever I have money, I'm very liberal with it, and will give out loans etc. to those who might need it. Just get to know me in game.

Also, Glucklich sie zu sehen to all the new members and the oldies that remember me.

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hey guys o/
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-02-24, 14:06 by Xanos Blackpaw
i'm xanos blackpaw and i'm the go to guy for fittings...i can tell you good fittings for almost all ships in game and i got the slot layout for all ships memorized. for pvp i prefere to fly frigs because then if stuff get to hot i can usaly gtfo:D alt is named zak and he is going to be a heavy amarr specialist and will most likely become my main his skills get up high enough.

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The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-02-20, 06:09 by Sokoris Valenti
affraid Hey guys Soko here , cool we got forums. What are the officers in this corp? And I was kind of wondering what each officer title is responsible for doing? lol! cya later , SOko aka. Michael.

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Okay, i'm Not First (Hijacked by Blane \o/)
The Firestorm Cartel's Forums - Portal Icon_minitime2008-02-17, 12:24 by Rossi
Hi guys im first here cya ingame cheers

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